Sims Legacy Hub: A Sims Family Tree Maker

A seamless solution for effortlessly mapping out and sharing your Sims legacy families made by Simmers for Simmers.




Some of our favorite features

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Simple Creation

Creating and adding a sim and their connections to other sims has never been easier. Simply click “add” and get started!

Fast Photo Uploading

Big screenshots of your sim? No problem. Just drag and drop and use your scroll wheel to get the perfect shot for your tree.

Quick Navigation

Need to find a sim fast? Click on their name and it will zoom straight to their information so you can view and edit.

Easy To Download

Need to share a photo with your community or friends? It’s as simple as clicking “download” to get an image to share.


What Is Sims Legacy Hub?

Sims Legacy Hub is designed to help you keep track of your crazy and ever changing Sims family legacies. You can track who your Sims are connected with, their life stage, occult status, and more.

Instead of using a traditional tree style, Sims Legacy Hub uses a web style so you can move your Sims around to best fit your growing legacy.

Upload your screenshots or photos with ease, simply by dragging and dropping your desired image into the app and using your mouse wheel to decide what part of the photo will be used for that Sim

A menu down the side of the page contains the list of your legacy Sims. Simply by clicking on the name, no matter where your Sim is placed in the legacy web, it will center in on that Sim.

We’ve added everything you need for your Sims including name, life stages, pronouns, occult options, a box to insert custom information about your Sim, and more.


What Simmers Are Saying

As a type A Simmer, I love making family trees for my Sims and tracking generations, but the Sims Legacy Hub being made by and for Simmers makes the biggest difference! They’ve made it so easy to track your Sims info throughout their life in a variety of creative ways. I’ll definitely be using SLH for all of my Sims and their families from here on out!
This app allows keep track of all my complicated storylines. The options for relationships are super extensive which is great for a storyteller like me who has quite the amount of drama in her stories!
The craft and care the SLH team have put into this project is obvious... they really understand the nuances of the stories we like to tell about this game and they have worked so hard to gain insight and feedback from the community itself in order to make this family tree site more than just names and images. My Twitch community love to delve deeper into my growing legacy family so being able to share this with them is going to be such a joy!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Sims Legacy Hub is currently a web-only application – meant for your desktop or laptop.

There is no software to install.

Two of the creators of Sims Legacy Hub are members of the EA Creator Network.

Although we enjoy playing various versions of The Sims game developed by EA, it’s important to clarify that we have no affiliation or collaboration with them outside of this.

This is a web-based application, not a downloadable program. Currently, we expect that the majority of systems are able to access and run this application directly from their preferred desktop web browser.

Sims Legacy Hub offers both a free version and an affordable paid option with premium features. The paid option grants access to additional customization choices, cloud saving, and sharing opportunities, elevating your experience to new levels of creation and community.

Being Sims players, when we learned about the closure of the Plumtree App as of December 1, 2023, we immediately recognized an opportunity to support the community. Collaboratively, we conceived the Sims Legacy Hub with the intention of filling the void left behind.

If you stumble a cross a problem, you can email our team at or log a ticket in our Discord. Not in the Discord? Join us right here!

When you visit your account page, select “manage subscription” where you will be taken to a page on our payment portal where you can cancel your subscription. 

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